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One of the timeless and always seems to be relevant inspirations in fashion and for dressing up is punk. I own quite few pieces of punk-inspired clothing that I’ve forever kept in my closet because I know those punk pieces won’t ever go out of style – I could always recycle and restyle them with different other pieces of new clothing and accessories and I get fresh chic new styles.

I was really excited when I found out about the Met’s spring 2013 Costume Institute exhibition, PUNK: Chaos to Couture.  I’m not a big fan of ‘DIY’ clothing and accessories which a big part of punk fashion, but I do respect and enjoy the liberty and mischievousness of it. I’ve been wearing my ‘punk’ styles lately. The cool spring weather in New York couldn’t be more perfect for the punk-inspired dressing since it’s all about layering.

I’ll be posting more punk-inspired looks in the next few days. Here’s my first one. it’s a look for going out party, I think this look is a great alternative for the night in the city. It’s fun, different, chic, and still sexy, which is important to me in my dressing :)

This look consists:

1. Vintage ascot ruffle ‘Victorian’ white lace top

2. Double-belted Dolce & Gabbana hot pink tartan plaid pleated ‘kilt’ skirt

3. Black leather motorcycle jacket

4. Lace-up Christian Louboutin platform heels

5. Kenzo bright floral-printed leather shoulder bag


liquica new york stylist wardrobe fashion the met 'punk: chaos to couture'

liquica stylist new york celebrity pose punk stylish inspo wardrobe the met

liquica anggraini punk stylist new york wardrobe dolce gabbana plaid tartan

I was googling around and stumbled upon this stamp that I actually had pinned on to my Pinterest awhile ago when it was just released along with other fashion stamps. Without realizing it, I styled my first punk look with a white lace victorian top with ruffle cuffs just like this on Vivienne Westwood fashion stamp. I guess I did something right! ;) I love that!

liquica punk style outfit look wardrobe styling cabinet new york chaos to couture
vivienne westwood plaid tartan dress liquica christina ricci met gala punk fashion chaos to couture style dress

Christina Ricci in Vivienne Wetswood at the Met Gala 2013

stylingcabinet punk chaos to couture liquica stylist

liquica punk style look outfit photographer stylist

The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art - PUNK: Chaos to Couture


gangster no.1

I’m not a big fan of violent movies but Gangster No.1 is just so brilliant, it’s got to be one of my favorite movies all time. One of the reasons why I love this movie is because it’s set in the late 60s and continues to the 70s, which are 2 my favorite eras. Two of most favorite parts in this movie are.. one, Paul Bettany (he’s so super awesome and he’s married to Jennifer Connelly who I think is the most stunning actress alive!) and two, the living room at the flat of the character Freddie Mays (played by the amazing David Thewlis).

So, I’ve meant to write a blog post about this flat FOREVER for years! Finally, I got around to do it, it happened! Yay! I’m obsessed everything in it, with the marriage of mid-century, French art deco, and a touch of oriental of this room. The recessed seating area with the built-in black leather tufted sofa is the highlight for me, and that bar slash kitchen is TO-DIE-FOR! Most important too, this flat has the masculine and sexy feeling about it that I am all about with my designing and styling.

paul bettany

gangster no.1 Paul Bettany

gangster no.1 Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany gangster no.1

paul bettany Gangster no.1 room interior design

gangster no.1 paul bettany

And this soundtrack, The Good Life by Neil Hannon is bloody good! :)

china print tile porcelain bell-sleeved top


I really love the shape I created for this look. I paired my china print bell-sleeved bell-shaped top with my flare black leather skirt. I also wanted to style the lovely ‘Iznik’ print top so it would look more relevant, I thought my flare black leather skirt was the perfect partner for it. I chose the mirror leather wedges to polish up this look and some matte metal necklace and chain bracelets to keep the look more stylized without looking over-accessorized. If you’re tired of the Zara/J Crew-shorts-and-blazer look, this look would be a great change! ;)


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