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About Styling Cabinet

Styling Cabinet is my personal blog, created for me to share my love of all things fashion, food, fitness, and otherwise.

By day I’m the creative director of RADENRORO, an international women’s contemporary line headquartered in New York City. In the rare hours when I’m not working on RADENRORO, I love to eat well (at home or out and about), stay in shape, and pursue my various passions which include photography, styling my friends and clients, and concocting my own skincare products.

With Styling Cabinet, I hope to provide a resource and community for people with similar interests. My hope is that this blog will not just be about me, but a place where lively discussions take place and great ideas are exchanged. With this in mind, I invite anyone to comment on any of my posts, reblog pictures or ideas they like, and connect with me on social media.

This blog will be very different from your typical fashion blog because I am not a full-time blogger. I will not be spending a lot of time networking with other bloggers or promoting this blog. Instead, my hope is that the Styling Cabinet community will grow organically and continually attract like-minded people who believe in creativity, artistic integrity, and the pursuit of a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.