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gangster no.1

I’m not a big fan of violent movies but Gangster No.1 is just so brilliant, it’s got to be one of my favorite movies all time. One of the reasons why I love this movie is because it’s set in the late 60s and continues to the 70s, which are 2 my favorite eras. Two of most favorite parts in this movie are.. one, Paul Bettany (he’s so super awesome and he’s married to Jennifer Connelly who I think is the most stunning actress alive!) and two, the living room at the flat of the character Freddie Mays (played by the amazing David Thewlis).

So, I’ve meant to write a blog post about this flat FOREVER for years! Finally, I got around to do it, it happened! Yay! I’m obsessed everything in it, with the marriage of mid-century, French art deco, and a touch of oriental of this room. The recessed seating area with the built-in black leather tufted sofa is the highlight for me, and that bar slash kitchen is TO-DIE-FOR! Most important too, this flat has the masculine and sexy feeling about it that I am all about with my designing and styling.

paul bettany

gangster no.1 Paul Bettany

gangster no.1 Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany gangster no.1

paul bettany Gangster no.1 room interior design

gangster no.1 paul bettany

And this soundtrack, The Good Life by Neil Hannon is bloody good! :)