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turquoise maxi dress silver purse

I just want to celebrate the summer.. each every single second of it. The sun, the breeze, the grass… And the perfect way to counteract the summer heat is by wearing fresh, clean, airy, and simple outfits. I wanted the same feels for this party look too.

I’m in love with the refreshing aqua color and I really wanted to bring out its beauty and pair it with another color that stands out but cooling. I think these two colors complement each others nicely. This look is cool to rock at any summer parties like bridal showers, weddings, or babyshowers, whether they’re on beaches, poolsides, gardens, rooftops, etc.

aqua jersey dress turquoise



I would never have thought that the color lime green with the shiny sparkly black could look and feel airy together. I thought those colors together would look ‘heavy’ and cumbersome. But yesterday I was fashionably surprised when I put together a look using a lime green long pleated skirt with a black sequin crop top, it looks and feels so easy breezy light! I also think the style of the shoes I chose were the perfect accents to achieve the light look. The summer heat should never stop you from being adventurous with your outfits! They just have to be light..


leopard ankle strap sandals


maxi skirt radenroro camisole


I was on a mission to wear a maxi skirt in a new fresh way – the same old ‘bohemian’ approach kind of bores me, I’ve seen it too long. I’m all about sophistication, The Radenroro ‘Neneng‘ camisole balances the bold floral maxi skirt, forget about its white neutral color, the voluminousness of it creates the perfect proportion to the silhouette of this outfit. I’d say I think I succ-chic-fully completed my mission! Would you?