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knotted skirt beach sweater

Summertime could have some windy seventy-degreeish days and the last thing you want is wearing boring clothes that cover your tan. My solution to this dilemma is to pairing a light-weight non-wool sweater top with a knit mini skirt, you don’t fully cover up your body and your outfit still look and feel summery. I also love the sherbet color combination of coral pink and tangerine, I think it looks great on any summer tanned skin colors. It makes your tanned skin look healthy and glowing.

beach sweater summer knotted wrap mini skirt

metallic gold shirt

I wear gold as neutral. I think gold is more exciting and effective as a neutral element of an outfit than the usual neutrals (black, nude, white), it radiates the whole look.

I wanted to create a fun office look using gold, I paired a metallic lamé gold shirt with a muted red silk crinkle tea skirt. Then I belted my waist with a brown leather utilitarian belt. I added tiger print pony shopper tote bag to balance the solid colors and black/gold cork sandals to keep this office look summery fresh.

I got the inspiration of pairing gold and red a little bit from the Chinese culture. These two colors are specially meaningful to the Chinese. In their culture the color of red usually means good luck and the golden color symbolizes wealth and also happiness. The two colors couldn’t be any more appropriate to wear to work, don’t you think? Obviously you don’t want your outfits to look too ethnic-y, you always want the looks to be modern and current. So adding other elements like an animal print bag and a utilitarian belt is the key.

Gold makes an outfit.

metallic lamé gold top blouse shirt