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china print tile porcelain bell-sleeved top


I really love the shape I created for this look. I paired my china print bell-sleeved bell-shaped top with my flare black leather skirt. I also wanted to style the lovely ‘Iznik’ print top so it would look more relevant, I thought my flare black leather skirt was the perfect partner for it. I chose the mirror leather wedges to polish up this look and some matte metal necklace and chain bracelets to keep the look more stylized without looking over-accessorized. If you’re tired of the Zara/J Crew-shorts-and-blazer look, this look would be a great change! ;)


seventies fashion modern new york celebrity stylist  fashion editor

cargo jumpsuit

I’ve had this jumpsuit for years. I love it so much, it’s just so awesome and original from the 80s. I wear jumpsuits a lot and proudly own some cool ones. This particular one is my favorite because of its ‘cargo’ utilitarian yet sexy style.

I styled this ‘mechanic’ jumpsuit with a large tiger stripe pony shopper tote and cutout platform wooden sandals for a casual ‘safari’ inspired look, then I throw on some metal chain bracelets to add a dash of sparkles. I rolled up the sleeves and the bottom of the pants to create the effortless feel to the look. This outfit is just fabulous for the weekend and for going to art shows.

We all have the rights to life, liberty, and the jumpsuit of awesomeness :)

mechanic jumpsuit safari

fringe leather skirt


This look I posted on Pose yesterday (6/25) is feminine with a bit of tomboy edge to it, my all time favorite combo for a casual look. I love the soft and the hard paired together. The lovely rose print semi-sheer silk shirt with the gunmetal colored fringe leather skirt, the bold cut-out brown leather Celine sandals with lucite midsole and tire-like bottom sole to match the Radenroro chocolate brown stingray pocketbook. I know some of yous ¬†probably are thinking “Leather skirt in summer??”, my skirt is lightweight and lined so it’s perfectly fine for summer, I’m talking 75-80ish here.

Would you wear ‘fall’ items for summer?


western leather skirt