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cullottes linen isabel marant

This look has to be my most favorite look to enjoy summer. I just really love the relaxed-ness of it. I feel comfy and feminine in it (without looking overly girly). I’ve had and been wearing the linen culottes for many years now. I’ve worn the culottes with many different tops. I just adore them, they go with everything, they’re such keepers! For this look I topped my culottes with braided cotton top I just got this summer. I’ve worn this outfit 3 times in a week already! I usually refuse to wear the same outfit again so soon :) I also fancied this look with my metal chain bracelets, a horn-like cuff, a tiger print tote bag, and my favorite wooden sandals.

What do you think about my summer uniform? :) You should give it a try! ;)

liquica new york stylist

western leather skirt checked shirt

I love western-inspired style, actually, I must confess that I am a sucker for western clothes, both the original and the inspired ones. Western-inspired look is one of those looks that I enjoy exploring and play with a lot. My style is 90% sophisticated feminine and 10% playful masculine, my perfect balance.

I paired my monochromatic checkered shirt with a western fringe leather skirt. I left some of the shirt buttons undone and rolled up the sleeves for a sexy and effortless feel. I accessorized with a Radenroro pony bag in moss green and corset tasseled lace-up Louboutins.

Check out my post about another western-inspired look ‘Westernizashion‘.

cobachon fringed cowgirl skirt

radenroro lipstick pink silk blazer jacket tulle tutu skirt

We all girl love tulle crinoline/tutu skirts but let’s be honest, most of us would feel a bit hesitant to wear these infamously fabulous ‘ballerina’ skirts. Only Carrie Bradshaw could pull it off, right? Well, no, I’ve proven that with the right styling, tulle skirts could be amazingly wearable and we could wear them without looking costume-y.

My inspiration for this look was obviously ballerina. My black tulle long tutu skirt is covered with of metallic aurora borealis teeny tiny speckles, so I basically can just throw on any colors to go with it on top. I opted for a ‘geisha face’ graphic shirt and layered it with my favorite Radenroro ‘Yudia’ jacket in lipstick pink. As for the shoes I chose my corset Loubies as a take on the ballerina lace-up shoes, I think they play out well with the ‘ballerina’ crinoline skirt.

My party was downtown, for a less-downtowny party, I’d just recycle this look and switch the geisha shirt to a black bustier top and the red mesh bag to a clutch. I’d put my hair up on a messy bun and just put on a pair of diamond stud earrings.Voilà!

radenroro silk jacket fuchsia ballerina skirt

metallic gold shirt

I wear gold as neutral. I think gold is more exciting and effective as a neutral element of an outfit than the usual neutrals (black, nude, white), it radiates the whole look.

I wanted to create a fun office look using gold, I paired a metallic lamé gold shirt with a muted red silk crinkle tea skirt. Then I belted my waist with a brown leather utilitarian belt. I added tiger print pony shopper tote bag to balance the solid colors and black/gold cork sandals to keep this office look summery fresh.

I got the inspiration of pairing gold and red a little bit from the Chinese culture. These two colors are specially meaningful to the Chinese. In their culture the color of red usually means good luck and the golden color symbolizes wealth and also happiness. The two colors couldn’t be any more appropriate to wear to work, don’t you think? Obviously you don’t want your outfits to look too ethnic-y, you always want the looks to be modern and current. So adding other elements like an animal print bag and a utilitarian belt is the key.

Gold makes an outfit.

metallic lamé gold top blouse shirt

stripe sequin summer

I posted this outfit in June, I wore it to a birthday party. I really enjoy mixing textures and prints, creating new silhouettes, and playing with interesting colors. As you can see, for this look I did a texture and a stripe mixings. Stripe is one of my favorite prints – I’m a total stripe junkie! I finished the look with a short and a long chunky bead necklace layers, a pair of mary-jane wedges and a raffia clutch.

gold sequin skirt varsity jacket

Last week I stumbled upon these photos of Olivia Palermo wearing a blue striped shirt and it reminds me of my blue striped ‘varsity’ silk jacket I’m wearing on my pictures.

olivia palermo

olivia palermo stripe

gypsy top hand embroidered

Romanian tops are some of those fashion items with amazing style longevity. They never go out of style from decade to decade. I got my top from a lovely family member, I was so happy with the gift! She told me that one of her friends gave it to her in the 60s when she lived in Paris at the time. The top was hand-made AND hand-embroidered in Romania by her friend herself. What a treasure! Lucky me! I styled my Romanian top with my cut-off dark jeans, my gold Alaïa wedges, and a vintage crocheted flower plastic shopper bag. It’s a serious summertime!!

Who What Wear  featured Romanian blouses yesterday. Check it out!

bohemian top

turquoise sequin top harem pants

I’m loving aqua a whole lot this summer. And I’m also sequin junkie! SO, this aqua colored sequin shirt I have on for this look is the ultimate sweet treat for my fashion soul. With the black sequin pants, I think, the aqua sequin shirt looks its best. The contrast of the two colors of the sequin pieces create a glam chic look. Because of the simple cut of the shirt and the pants, I could get away with the sequin on sequin pairing. I love being adventurous with my dressing, so to add more chic contrast I styled this look with my bronzy gold folded clutch. I finished the look with a pair of nude pumps. Would you try sequin on sequin style?

turquoise sequin shirt and black sequin harem pants

fringe leather skirt


This look I posted on Pose yesterday (6/25) is feminine with a bit of tomboy edge to it, my all time favorite combo for a casual look. I love the soft and the hard paired together. The lovely rose print semi-sheer silk shirt with the gunmetal colored fringe leather skirt, the bold cut-out brown leather Celine sandals with lucite midsole and tire-like bottom sole to match the Radenroro chocolate brown stingray pocketbook. I know some of yous  probably are thinking “Leather skirt in summer??”, my skirt is lightweight and lined so it’s perfectly fine for summer, I’m talking 75-80ish here.

Would you wear ‘fall’ items for summer?


western leather skirt

comic silk shirt cartoon shirt


I posted this look on Pose a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got to say, this is one of my favorite outfits this spring. Why? Because it’s just so rock and roll! :) I teamed up my oversized comic print silk shirt that the sleeve I rolled up and the bottom hem I knotted (for a more relaxed look) – leaving the tux tail-like on back, with my harem-ish black sequin pants and a long black tassel silk scarf. It seems like a very simple look but yet it looks stylized with big personal style written all over it. AND a big PLUS, this outfit feels just so comfortable, sexily comfortable! I also accessorized it with a vintage metal chain pocketbook and a pair of black Dior mesh sandals.