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western leather skirt checked shirt

I love western-inspired style, actually, I must confess that I am a sucker for western clothes, both the original and the inspired ones. Western-inspired look is one of those looks that I enjoy exploring and play with a lot. My style is 90% sophisticated feminine and 10% playful masculine, my perfect balance.

I paired my monochromatic checkered shirt with a western fringe leather skirt. I left some of the shirt buttons undone and rolled up the sleeves for a sexy and effortless feel. I accessorized with a Radenroro pony bag in moss green and corset tasseled lace-up Louboutins.

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cobachon fringed cowgirl skirt

fringe leather skirt


This look I posted on Pose yesterday (6/25) is feminine with a bit of tomboy edge to it, my all time favorite combo for a casual look. I love the soft and the hard paired together. The lovely rose print semi-sheer silk shirt with the gunmetal colored fringe leather skirt, the bold cut-out brown leather Celine sandals with lucite midsole and tire-like bottom sole to match the Radenroro chocolate brown stingray pocketbook. I know some of yous  probably are thinking “Leather skirt in summer??”, my skirt is lightweight and lined so it’s perfectly fine for summer, I’m talking 75-80ish here.

Would you wear ‘fall’ items for summer?


western leather skirt